Love Knot. Sculpted Solid Murano Glass

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Abstract sculpture entitled "Love Knot", created in the early 90s by the master glassmaker Giuliano Mian (owner of the homonymous Muranese Mian furnace).

Submerged work with spots, on a satin crystal base.

Unique piece belonging to the private collection of the Mian family.

The piece is signed with a diamond point and has the original Veneto Region label no.037 (Fornace Muranese "Mian").


height 48cm, width 18, depth 11cm
Weight: 2.3kg

Due to the extremely delicate construction, the artwork is shipped in a custom carved polystyrene mold. This precaution guarantees protection during transit.

Furnace: Mian

    Dimensions and details may vary slightly due to the handcrafted nature of the workmanship. Each product is sold with a guarantee certificate and original box.